Family in Spanish

When we learn a language like Spanish or any other language, it is useful to learn about  family members, because it allows you to express your and other persons family relationships. Below, you will find a chart with the most common family members in Spanish.


family members

Note: The word “familia” is singular even though its meaning refers to a group of people.

Extended family members in Spanish

In addition to the common members, on occasion, we have other people who are part of our family, but sometimes are not blood relatives. For these cases we have the following categories: step-, god- and – in law.

Step family

step family in spanish

God family

God family

Family in law

family in law in spanish


Expressing a family relationship

Family relationships in Spanish are expressed with the verb “ser”, the possessive adjectives or the preposition “de”.

For example:

Subject + verb ser + possessive adjective + family member

  • Ella es tu tía (She’s your aunt)
  • Él es nuestro abuelo (He is our grandfather)
  • Ellos son sus sobrinos (They are their nephews)

With preposition “de”

  • Yo soy la prima de Juan (I am Juan’s cousin)
  • Esta es la familia de mi esposo (This is my husband’s family)
  • Nosotros somos los hijos de tu madrina (We are your godmother’s children)

Quotes about family members in Spanish

My beautiful family Mi hermosa familia
Family is everything La familia es todo
It’s a beautiful family Es una hermosa familia
My family is my strength and my weakness Mi familia es mi fuerza y mi debilidad
Family, nature and health go hand in hand La familia, naturaleza y la salud van de la mano
If you have a big family, you have a great life Si tienes una gran familia, tienes una gran vida
The only portion of fortune is family happiness La única porción de fortuna es la felicidad familiar


Family members



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