Professions and Occupations

July 6, 2019

A common part of any culture is having different kinds of professions and occupations for anyone to practice. Many professions or occupations require further studies, but all are important in society. There are many professions and occupations in the world and we are going to show you some of the most common ones. 

Note: If the professions ends in -o, you need to change -o to -a for female If the professions ends in a consonants, you add the -a for female.

Maestro,a – Teacher Enfermero,a – Nurse Contador,a – Accountant 
Doctor,a – Doctor Pediatra – PediatricianArquitecto,a – Architect 
Cocinero,a – CookTraductor,a – Translator Eletricista – Electrician
Dentista – DentistPolicia – PolicemanIngeniero,a – Engineer 
Cartero – MailmanBombero – FiremanJefe – CEO 
Abogado,a – Lawyer Mesera – WaitressEscritor,a – Writer
Gerente – Manager Mesero – Waiter Conserje – Janitor
Carnicero – Butcher Vendedor,a – Salesman Pintor,a – Painter 
Actriz – ActressPescador – FishermanConductor,a – Driver
Actor – ActorPolítico,a – Politician Jubilado,a – Retired

Here are some examples using the vocabulary:

  • Mi padre está jubilado. / My father is retired.
  • Soy un gerente. / I am a manager.
  • Mi madre es pediatra. / My mother is a pediatrician.
  • Ella es una actriz. / She is an actress.
  • Mi tío es dentista. / My uncle is a dentist.
  • Son policías. / They are policemen.
  • Mi hermano es camarero. / My brother is a waiter.
  • Su hermana es contadora. / Her sister is an accountant.
  • Nuestro primo es ingeniero. / Our cousin is an engineer.
  • Somos cocineros. / We are cooks.
  • Su tía es pintora. / Their aunt is a painter.

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