• What can I use to pay for my lessons?

We are currently working with Paypal, but we are planning to open up new payment methods soon!

If you are in the United States: You can use

  • Do I have to pay the first class?

No, the first class is completely free.  When using the coupon: https://simplerlanguages.com/free-lesson/

  • How much does a class cost?

This will depend on the tutor you choose.


  • How many lessons can I pay for at a time?

You can pay for as many lessons as you want at a time.

  • Can I have a refund for a class?

Yes, you may have a refund for a class. You only need to contact our support team in the bottom right corner of our webpage

  • What should I do if a teacher asks me to pay outside of SimplerLanguages or ask for a direct payment?

You should contact our support team, as this is against our policy.

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