July 4th in the United States

July 4, 2019

On the 4th of july is the declaration of independence of the United States, it’s a very important day that is celebrated throughout the country with fireworks shows, picnics, sporting events, food competitions, military parades, among others. 

Ways to spend the day

American families celebrate this day doing outdoor activities, the main one is to make a picnic with or without barbecue. This form of celebration is especially popular in the country’s capital, where people gather in the National Mall park to eat outdoors.  

Another way to celebrate is to attend one of the parades that take place, or if you like to eat and compete you can go to the “who eats more” contests, in New York there is a very popular hot dog eating contest. 


Finally, in the afternoon and evening people attend to see the fireworks shows and some cultural presentations. Actually, it is a very festive day and full of patriotic feeling. Everywhere you will see people with flags and much decoration with stars and stripes. 

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